The Council was called to order at:

      • 7:00 P.M. by Grand Knight Ernie Winnestaffer

Prayer was offered by:

      • Chaplain Fr. Denis Kigozi

The roll of officers was called and noted as follows (P = Present; A = Absent):

      1. Office


        P = Present; A = Absent


        Fr. Denis Kigozi


        Grand Knight

        Ernie Winnestaffer


        Deputy Grand Knight

        Andy Hunyady



        Ken Higdon



        Andrew Ortiz


        Financial Secretary

        Chris Wild



        Steve Lukezich



        John Stanley



        Ted Lee



        Al Hrytzik


        Inside Guard

        Don Fisher


        Outside Guard

        Kevin Luckhaupt


        Trustee (3rd Year)

        Lavern Meyer


        Trustee (2nd Year)

        Kevin Peters


        Trustee (1st Year)

        Jim Bohnlein


        District Deputy

        Rob DeSantos


        Insurance Agent

        Mike Williams


The Opening Ode was:

      • Was not sung

The Minutes of preceding meeting were:

      • Motion brought forward to approve minutes with requested amendments; Motion seconded;
        • Ayes have it; Minutes approved
      • Waiver of dues
        • All new members who sign up for any product should have their dies waived for 2 years
        • This will be
        • Members who transfer in are not eligible
        • Chris to send to Andrew

The Chaplain reported as follows:

      • Father’s Day
        • General Audience of Pope Francis
          • Reflection on the importance of the father in the family
          • Reflection on Pope Francis’ Love and the Family
          • We ask God that he continues to bless our brother knight’s especially those of us who are fathers

The Grand Knight read the applications for membership approved by the Admissions Committee as Follows:

      • One candidate for the upcoming First Degree
      • If you have any other recruits, please send them to Brother Ken

The results of balloting were:

      • N/A

The following notices of applications in other councils were read:

The Council conferred the <DEGREE> Degree on the following:

The Grand Knight reported as follows:

      • Seminarian Thank You Letters
        • We received 3 letters of appreciation for the $500 checks sent to the 4 seminarians our council sponsored.
      • Book Donations
        • Received thank you
      • Vocation Sponsor Award
        • Received plaque from Supreme Council
      • Father Mario’s Funeral
        • Nine Brother Knights from our council volunteered to be pallbearers for the funeral

The Treasurer reported as follows:

      • As of 06/2018, ~$6977 in checking accounts
        • Motion brought forward to approved report; motion seconded; Ayes have it.

The Grand Knight read receipt(s) no. <###> from Treasurer to Financial Secretary for $<AMOUNT> and Treasure’s voucher of deposit no. <###> for $<AMOUNT> representing receipts since the last meeting of <DATE>.

The following bills were read and referred:

      • $200 check for Food for Families program from Supreme
      • Budget Update:
        • Expenses
          • Budgeted $3595 and actual to date $2393
          • Well below expected expenses

The following communications were read:

      • N/A

Financial Secretary’s report of receipts of meeting: Total amount, $<AMOUNT>, made up as follows:

      • N/A



General Fund


Special Fund


Pennies for Heaven




The Trustees reported as follows:

      • N/A

The Chancellor reported on Vocations:

      • N/A

The following committees reported:

      • Director – Kevin Peters
        • N/A
      • Culture of Life – Patrick Murphy
        • Fortnight for Freedom Kickoff
          • June 22, 2018
          • Special Mass to celebrate religious freedom
          • Mass followed by the rosary
      • Church Activities – Deacon Charlie
        • Affirmation of Wedding Vows
          • Should we consider having the event on 06/03 following the appreciation event
          • RSVP program should be started earlier
      • Community – Frank Kammerer
        • N/A
      • Council Activities – Brother John Stanley
        • N/A
      • Family Activities – Joe Fearon
        • Father’s Day
          • Finger rosaries were dispersed to all fathers
      • Youth Activities – Eric Ewert
        • N/A
      • Membership and Retention – Ken Higdon
        • N/A

Unfinished business was taken up and disposed if as follows:

      • N/A

Fourth Degree Report:

      • Confirmation Ceremony
        • 13 4th degree members (7 from our council and 6 from the assembly)
      • Upcoming funerals which may require Honor Guard. Bro

The following new business was brought up:

      • Check’s disbursed for Of the Year Awards
        • Clergy of the Year
        • Serviceman
      • Mass for Families Affected by Immigration Policy
        • Thursday 06/21 there will be a Mass at the cathedral at 6:30PM to pray for all migrants caught up in this terrible situation
      • Family Movie Night 06/19
        • The parish will be hosting a family movie night and showing Mother Teresa of Calcutta
          • Please bring your family for a faith filled evening

The Insurance Agent reported as follows:

      • Congratulations to the Council, we have met all requirements to achieve Star Council
      • Please consider insurance with Knights

The District Deputy reported as follows:

      • Congratulations to all Officers of the council and thank you for your service as initial officers of the council
      • When I was asked to assist with establishing a council here, the reception and response to the Knights has been tremendous. I am confident for the upcoming fraternal

Under Good of the Order:

      • Brother Matthew Garcia’s Mother Marleen
      • Debby Winnestaffer
      • Steve Mustard
      • Joe McAndrews

Chaplain’s summation:

      • Final blessing by Chaplain Fr. Denis Kigozi

Closing Prayer was said by:

      • Grand Knight Ernie Winnestaffer and meeting closed at 7:30PM


Recorder: Andrew Ortiz