Meeting held via Zoom virtual meeting

22 members present

The Council was called to order at:

  • 7:04 P.M. by Grand Knight Ken Higdon

Prayer was offered by:

  • Deacon Charlie Miller

The roll of officers was called and noted as follows (P = Present; A = Absent):

  1. Office Name P = Present; A = Absent
    Chaplain Fr. Brian O’Connor A
    Grand Knight Ken Higdon P
    Deputy Grand Knight Patrick Murphy P
    Chancellor Andrew Ortiz P
    Recorder Mike Sassman P
    Financial Secretary Chris Wild P
    Treasurer Steve Lukezich P
    Lecturer Andy Hunyady P
    Advocate Frank Piper A
    Warden Kevin Luckhaupt A
    Inside Guard Daniel Chun P
    Outside Guard Charles Higdon P
    Trustee (3rd Year) Andy Hunyady P
    Trustee (2nd Year) Ernie Winnestaffer A
    Trustee (1st Year) Vern Meyer A
    District Deputy A
    Insurance Agent Mike Williams P


The Opening Ode was:

  • Was not sung

The Minutes of preceding meeting were:

  • Motion brought forward to approve minutes; Motion seconded; Approved

The Chaplain reported as follows:

  • N/A

The Grand Knight read the applications for membership approved by the Admissions Committee as Follows:

  • NA

The results of balloting were:

  • N/A

The following notices of applications in other councils were read:


The Council conferred the <DEGREE> Degree on the following:


The Grand Knight reported as follows:

  • Virtual State Convention
    • Attended by Andrew Ortiz and Ken Higdon
    • We have surpassed the 2 million member mark
      • 56,000 in Ohio
    • In 10 years of the ultrasound project, more than 1,200 machines have been purchased
      • Approx 60,000 babies have been saved through the program
    • Baby box project by a council
      • Box installed at a fire station or hospital for mothers to give up their child safely
      • Automatically calls emergency services
      • Only 3 in the state of Ohio and none of them are in Columbus
      • Possible future project?
    • Super Cash Bonanza drawing – June 27
      • Final turn-in to Chris Wild is June 8
      • 210 tickets sold so far
      • More tickets available upon request
    • Food & Diaper drive
      • Thank you for all of the participation – 9 weeks in a row!
      • 16,400 diapers & 209 packages of baby wipes
      • Around 3,200 food and other items have ben collected!
    • Columbian Award & Star Council applications are nearly ready to be submitted!  We expect to receive both this year!
    • Stay online after the meeting for a presentation by Mike Williams about Insurance
  • First draft of next year’s budget will be available at the June meeting
  • Blood drive for May was very successful.
    • 50 schedule slots filled out of 55
    • 46 donations collected
      • That’s a record amount!!  Our goal was 33

The Treasurer reported as follows:

See Attached File

The following bills were read and referred:


The following communications were read:

  • NONE

Financial Secretary’s report of receipts of meeting:


The Trustees reported as follows:

  • N/A

The Chancellor reported on Vocations:

  • N/A

The following committees reported:

  • Program Director – David Evers
    • Last call for “Of The Year” nominations
    • Will be submitted in the next 2 days
  • Life –
  • Faith –
  • Community – Food and Diaper drive – ending after Sunday May 24
  • Family – Mike Sassman
  • Membership and Retention – Patrick Murphy

Unfinished business was taken up and disposed if as follows:

  • None

The following new business was brought up:

  • Bust of St. John XXIII available for purchase
    • Offered for sale by a brother knight in Illinois.
    • Value of around 900 Euros, offered for sale for $100 plus shipping
    • Resin bust with good detail
    • Reviewed by Todd Brausch and he said it looks good
    • Fr. O’Connor is interested as well.
    • Invoice amount is $204.55 (shipping included)
    • Brother Andy Hunyady is donating the shipping cost ($104.55), and Brother Mike Redmon is donating $100 to cover the cost of the statue
      • Total cost to the council is $0
    • Council voted to authorize a check for $204.55, expecting full reimbursement
    • Discussed possible bulletin announcement when it is received
  • David Evers had the idea of installing a library box that could be outside of the church building since nobody has been able to be in the building for 9 weeks.
    • Possible Eagle Scout project?
    • Possible project for next fraternal year?
  • Slate of candidates of office for the next fraternal year — Nominated and Approved by affirmation by the membership
    • Grand Knight:  Patrick Murphy
    • Deputy Grand Knight:  Andrew Ortiz
    • Chancellor:  John Stanley
    • Treasurer:  Steve Lukezich
    • Warden:  Kevin Luckhaupt
    • Inside Guard:  Charles Higdon Jr.
    • Outside Guard:  Daniel Chun
    • Advocate:  David Evers
    • Trustees:  Ken Higdon (3), Andy Hunyady (2), Ernie Winnestaffer (1)
    • Recorder:  Sam Garcia
  • Appointments by Grand Knight Elect
    • Lecturer – Andy Hyunady
    • Program Director – Mike Covey
      • Program areas
        • Life:  Mike Redmon
        • Faith:  OPEN
        • Community:  OPEN
        • Family:  OPEN
  • Update on Knights reading materials?
    • Mike Redmon has the materials at his house, ready to set out again.
    • Look at setting it up again since Church is back on
  • Into The Breach — Mike Redmon
    • Discussed small group in-person format possibility (outside)
    • Watch email for updates

Fourth Degree Report:

  • Flag retirement collection is continuing
  • Online exemplification is on June 13
    • Contact Charles Higdon for additional details
  • Old form of initiation may not continue in the future

The District Deputy reported as follows:

  • Rob De Santos reported
    • Exemplary job over the last fraternal year!
    • Congratulations to the new officers!
    • Supreme is working on a new set of programs for the next fraternal year
      • Requirements for virtual meetings will be relaxed soon
      • Recommend that we provide remote meeting options on a regular basis
    • State is working on recruitment for a new district deputy
    • Keep up the great work!

The Insurance Agent reported as follows:

  • Presentation given after the meeting — 15 members present

Under Good of the Order:

  • Intentions
    • Fr. Frank Higdon
    • Gabriel Garcia
    • Jami Raubenolt

Chaplain’s summation:

  • N/A

Closing Prayer was said by:

  • Deacon Charlie Miller @ 8:01 PM


Recorder: Mike Sassman

5 - Financial Summary May 2020