40 Days for Life – Fall 2019

Event Details

Brothers and others,
Once again it is time to defend the unborn. Our Knights of Columbus council has committed to have a prayer vigil at:
Founders Abortion Pill Clinic, 1243 East Broad, Columbus on Wednesday, September 25th, from 9am-2:30pm. Those are also the clinic hours.

This link should allow anybody that has a Google Gmail account to directly signup for a time (or two). Click the link below or email Mike Redmond at: michael.redmon40@gmail.com

We have signs already and Womens Care Clinic brochures but feel free to bring prayer materials and homemade signs. Bring wives, kids, grandkids, friends, or just yourself.
This is a very peaceful display. More info can be found at…
Please contact Brother Mike Redmond for more information.